Version 2.0 | December 20, 2018


What was the focus for this release?

MyInfo was built by Phoenix College in PHP Laravel. This is not a platform that District ITS supports. The driver for MyInfo 2.0 was to move MyInfo to PHP Drupal. This provided an opportunity for some easy enhancements. In preparation for future increases in traffic, it was also an opportunity to improve the data source and infrastructure.


What new features / functionality have we added?

  • MyInfo app - available for download in the App Store and Play Store
  • All pages - feedback link to Google survey, support info for Blackboard Call Center, and FAQs link to My.Maricopa page
  • Finances (Payment) - payment page with account details and a pay now button that deep links to the Student Center make a payment page
  • Holds - detailed info about any service indicator holds
  • To-dos - detailed info about any to-dos


What improvements have we made to existing features?

  • Homepage - classes re-named schedule, books incorporated into schedule, financial aid re-named finances, holds and to-dos added
  • Schedule - link to textbook information added
  • Finances (Awards) - combined award summary now available, award fees deducted now available, link to student loan borrowing info added, display of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) improved
  • Grades - ALL past grades now available, link to transcript info added


What bugs have we fixed?


Any ops updates? (e.g. server upgrades, etc.)

  • New platform - moved from PHP Laravel to PHP Drupal, separate admin tool no longer necessary
  • New infrastructure - stood-up new Web Service high-availability cluster
  • New data source - all modules now pulling data directly from SIS via optimized web services (minus Awards, which is using the same delivered web services as before)